7 September 2016

Babymoon II

We'd planned to visit family down in Michigan for a couple days before the new baby arrived, but my pregnancy brain kicked in to ruin it. My passport had expired, forcing us to stay in the country.

Since I had already taken time off from work, Nathan and I each spent a few hours searching the internet for other options - Groupons to Niagara Falls, a couple days in Ottawa or Montreal - but finally settled on cabin camping a few hours north of the city.

We drove up Saturday morning, grabbing groceries and other supplies along the way, and arrived in the early afternoon. We took some time to check out the site. There was a fire pit next to our cabin, a little area on the lake for fishing, and a playground that Cohen soon became obsessed with.

It was nice to get away for days, and I am so glad we chose to stay in cabins rather than tents. My pregnant self would have hated sleeping on the ground.

Scroll down for some shots from our trip :)

Eeep, typical family photo -  a little awkward but I'm glad we took it!

25 April 2016

Who Taught Them This?

Tonight Cohen seemed so grown up to me. There was just another glimpse into the coming years with this kid. I can see he's not going to make it easy, but he's definitely going to make it fun.

He's had a tough couple of days. I'm not sure why - because he's normally happy about it - but over this past week, he has cried and screamed about being left at bedtime, at school, and at nursery. He hugs me so tight and refuses to let go, sobbing over his words. I have to admit, a couple times I held him a little longer than necessary simply because it was nice to feel so loved and needed. He's growing up fast, and he often bids me farewell with a, "bye, mommy," while waving a hand and looking in the other direction.

Tonight he had one of these fits. I nearly fell for it, worrying if something is wrong - he isn't feeling well or he's feeling sad. He so quickly turns his mood though, the second he feels safe from whatever he's trying to avoid. As he's (still, somehow) potty training, I rushed him into the bathroom when he told me he needed to go, mid tears. Suddenly, he was having a ball. He was asking about everything in the room, poking my leg and giggling, almost carrying on a big kid conversation with me. At one point he told me he wanted his water, and asked me to get it from "in my bedroom." He didn't seem upset at all.

Once he was done (and he legitimately did need to go, thank goodness), the fit returned, this time, insisting that he sleep in "daddy's bed."

Where do kids learn these tactics? He has no older siblings to example this behaviour and I doubt he and his friends have the language skills to conspire at school. How great is it that it appears to be an innate human skill... Yet, somehow I'm infinitely proud and love him more than anything.

Oh, and if you're wondering if he ever did get to bed? Yes. I felt defeated, so his father went in with him, and from what I heard from the next room over, Cohen didn't protest at all. Figures.

11 February 2016

Mornings Lately

A couple nights ago Cohen periodically woke up from coughing, he would chat to himself about puppies and chocolate, and then drifting back to sleep. But at 5 AM, he woke up for good - crying and yelling for us to come get him. When I opened his door, I found a tear streaked boy with snot all over his sad face. He was coughing up a fit. After gathering his clothes for the day, I brought him downstairs where we joined Nathan back in bed. But he continued to cough and wipe at his nose. We saw what looked like a little blood. As I was beginning to worry, Nathan pointed out that it looked like he was about to throw up. This cemented my thought that it might be best if I call the health line for a little direction and reassurance.

After being on the phone, answering a slew of questions about Cohen's breathing, couching, and eating habits (and being told he essentially had a cold) , I felt overwhelmingly grateful. Sure, he was feeling awful and acting cranky (and we were all in need of a little extra sleep) but he is an overall healthy kid. The nurse had asked so many questions about his history or medical problems or concerns and I responded no to every single one. What a blessing!

These early mornings, when the sun hasn't yet come up and my toes freeze as I tip toe through the house to him, can be tough. I usually let out a big sigh of defeat as I haul myself out of bed. I want nothing more than to stay cozy in bed during these cold Winter months. I'm reminded how lucky I am to have this time with him. Whether I'm cramped on a kiddie chair eating breakfast at a kiddie table with him or rushing to get ready for work while he watches Paw Patrol next to me (shouting "puppy!" or repeating random words), it's a good way to start the day. Together.

 He had so much fun running around in the cleared-out mid-renovated kitchen.

Can you believe this gorgeous golden hair?!

That's what it's all about right there :)

20 December 2015

Weekly Portrait: 50 / 52

We put the tree up this week. I was super excited to decorate it with Cohen, but he wasn't really into it. Mind you, the next day he was allll for rearranging the ornaments. Isn't that how it always works out?

He did run around naked (in a diaper only) while we (read: I) decorated. And it was adorable. That itty bitty body!

Portrait of our son each week in 2015